Waiting for Lightning to Strike

Drawing was one of my first loves. I started drawing cartoons when I was a little kid. I even made comic strips; some I copied from the newspaper and some I created myself. I’ve been drawing on and off over the years.

Here’s a golden oldie from the summer of 2005. I call it: “Waiting for Lightning to Strike.” I was living in Astoria, a.k.a. Long Island City, in NYC back then. The sky quickly turned dark in the middle of the day, and when I walked into the living room of my apartment, I saw two cats hanging out on my fire escape. I was struck by their elegant contours and by the charcoal-gray of the sky. A storm was coming, yet these cats seemed so peaceful. I was able to sketch them in a few minutes as it started to rain. I remember the lovely stillness of that moment and how glad I was to be able to capture a piece of it.

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