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Medusa–Kingston, Jamaica

Medusa, Kingston, JamaicaMy husband and I don’t typically eat out a lot in Jamaica, but when we do, Medusa, a bar and grill on Old Hope Rd. in Kingston, is on our list. Open-air seating allows you to enjoy the very pleasant cool winter evenings in JA, and if you arrive early evening, you won’t have to endure the usual long wait for your food to arrive.

Friday is steak night. The hunks of beef satisfy large appetites, and the price is right. For about $20 USD, you get a big steak and all the sides you want on one plate. I recommend the filet mignon; they’ve got the marinade down so that the flavor seeps well into the meat.

A tip: Always order meat well done in Jamaica. Your stomach will thank you.

Illustration by Aileen Torres-Bennett