Road Trip to Treasure Beach, Jamaica: Jake’s

Jake'sWe had decided at Little Ochie that we would continue on to Treasure Beach and spend the night. After about a 45-minute drive, we got to the Treasure Beach area and spotted Jake’s, a boutique hotel on the cliffs by the ocean. We walked in and booked the only room they had left.

In general, we’ve been disappointed by hotels in Jamaica. They’re overpriced for the quality, and we’ve never truly been comfortable in any of the places we’ve stayed. There’s always something off. I can’t say Jake’s is perfect, but I can say it’s the best Jamaican hotel in which we’ve stayed. It’s still slightly overpriced for the room we got, but the boho chic vibe of the hotel drew me in. Yoga sessions are offered at the spa, holiday lights snake though the trees, local black and white photography hangs on the walls, and the colors–shades of blue, yellow, white and red–harmonize vibrantly throughout the property.

Our room was small but charming. No TV but WiFi, books on the shelf at the head of the bed, an iPhone dock for playing tunes, a “wet” bathroom with a pressed-tin door decorated with hearts, a firm queen bed, and a large Morrocan-style picture window with red shutters that opened out to a view of the beach.

After a delicious dinner of jerk chicken–which pleasantly surprised me with its subtle goodness–we sat in front of our room, watching the moonlit water ebb and flow and looking up at the stars, amazingly numerous with the little light pollution around. When we turned in, we kept the window open; the sound of the waves continuing as the backdrop for the night.