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Cayman, Take 3

CaymanWhat to say about a great trip. It’s hard to articulate. That feeling of satisfaction that puts you into total relaxation, not just in the moment but every time you remember it.  Such was my third journey to Cayman.

One of the reasons this trip resonates is because my husband and I had a friend’s lovely home in Grand Cayman as our base. We had the opportunity to house sit and take care of his three sweet dogs while he was away on his own vacation with his wife. For five days, we had a large, well-styled house on the water, complete with all mod cons, a jacuzzi hidden behind Shangri-La doors off the living room, and a standup paddleboard to explore the inlet to the ocean from the backyard.

We would wake up early to dive and would come back in the afternoon, proud, happy, and anticipating an excellent dinner of fresh lionfish that my husband would spear and collect at impressive lengths of a foot long on average. I would scale and gut the fish on our friend’s dock, and we would grill them with tomatoes, carrots, onion, oil, and butter in his thatch bar/grill overlooking the water.  The dogs would get excited watching us cook. After dinner, we would settle in the great room with a night cap, the dogs at our feet, exhausted from the physical activity of the day and feeling vibrantly alive.