Kwame Falls, Jamaica

Kwame FallsOn Good Friday, my husband and I went hiking around Robin’s Bay with a friend and his son. The goal was to hike to Kwame Falls. None of us had ever been there, so we didn’t know what to expect. Our friend anticipated a 20-25 min. hike, but we ended up hiking 90 min. each way. The uncertainty was well rewarded.

We hiked atop cliffs, with vistas opening up to the tropical ocean, the waves making dramatic splashes as they crashed into the rocks. Our hunger grew as the hike lengthened beyond what we expected, but the dramatic scenery paralleling the forest that held our trail urged us on.

After six stream crossings, we finally made it to our destination: a spectacular  waterfall in the middle of the forest. We stripped to our bathing suits, waded in the water and climbed up a few rocks to get to the pool right underneath the waterfall. The water was cold and refreshing, washing off the grime of sweat and dirt from the hike. We had lunch on the rocks before heading back, gathering strength for the return.

At the end of the hike, we stopped for Red Stripes at the local chill spot. Tired and buzzed from the exercise, we drank our beers and chatted as the sun, which had been shining all day, cast a golden glow on the hills and ocean below.