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Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

Strawberry HillStrawberry Hill, owned by Chris Blackwell of Island Records fame, lies in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It’s a luxury resort with a casual ambiance and music industry paraphernalia for decor, as to be expected. The property is isolated, with the draw being the dramatic view of the Blue Mountains.

My husband and I had lunch there last weekend. The meal was decent, but we didn’t consider it up to par for what’s considered a world-class property. We’ve also eaten at Bizot Bar at Chris Blackwell’s GoldenEye, situated on Ian Fleming’s estate, which, again, was a decent, though unimpressive meal for a luxury resort.

I ordered a burger, and my husband ordered oxtail at Strawberry Hill. The burger was tasty, but nothing special for the price (about $20). The oxtail was tough; it hadn’t been slow cooked for hours to get it tender. All in all an overpriced meal, but we were still glad we paid a visit to the property before we leave Jamaica for good.