Lobster Rolls

lobster rollsLobster rolls tend to be pricey, but when you make them at home in Jamaica, they’re very economical. That’s because you can buy a bag of lobster chunks for only about $5. I was told by the guy at the counter of Rainforest Seafoods, the primary seafood distributor in Jamaica, that the chunks are actually the leftover bits from the head of lobsters instead of from the tail, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the meat is clean and sizeable. Hands down, it’s a great deal. We used to hoard bags of this stuff when it was lobster season.

You can spruce up this recipe by adding minced onion and celery.


whole wheat rolls
butter (to taste)
1 bag of lobster meat
carrots, chopped into small cubes (desired amount)
mayonnaise (to taste)
salt and pepper (to taste)
lime wedges (squeeze fresh juice to taste)
mixed greens (desired amount)

Mix the lobster chunks and carrots in a bowl with mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and spritz in fresh lime.

Slice the rolls in half and toast them. Slather butter on both sides, spread the lobster mix on both halves, and garnish with greens.