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Lyon Hall

Lyon HallWe spent about two weeks in the Washington, D.C., metro area after the Keys as part of the transition to our new post. We stayed at a lovely apartment building in Clarendon, Virginia, which was close to several good restaurants.

One of our favorites became Lyon Hall, which serves American bistro fare. Monday is dollar-oyster night, and we were amazed the first time we went for it. The oysters were large and creamy. They were so good, we had a hard time stopping ourselves from going overboard with our orders. I still haven’t gotten over how great the oysters were.

A word of warning: The quality is inconsistent. The second time we went for dollar-oyster night, the oysters were small and didn’t have much flavor. We were disappointed, but at least you have recourse to the regular dinner menu, which ranges from juicy, large burgers to more high-end fare, such as steak and duck. I recommend the bohemian sausage platter; order it with salad on the side to counteract that artery-clogging goodness.