Foodie Weekend in NYC

20150614_114344As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I used to live in New York City when we were single, and our romance with the town is still going strong. We visited NYC again for a weekend getaway recently and had a good foodie time.

Like anywhere else, restaurants can be hit or miss here.

The Hits:

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque–We tried the large pulled-pork sandwich at their stall in Smorgasburg and loved it; tender and delicious.

Distilled–An upscale gastropub in Tribeca with a good brunch menu. We went here for brunch on a Sunday and were blown away by the country-fried duck and waffle. The generous chunks of duck meat are shredded and fried in batter and served atop a waffle with the taste and texture of a pillowy buttermilk biscuit; a total umami bomb. Bonus: The popcorn, on the house, is sprinkled with what they like to call “magic dust”, which I’m guessing is Old Bay and/or paprika, salt and pepper, with the popcorn cooked in leftover oil infused with the yummy flavors of other dishes they’ve been cooking.

Duck and Waffle

Rosie’s–A Mexican restaurant in the East Village situated in a bright, airy space and offering “authentic”, elegant food. In the middle is an island where people are busy shaping handmade tortillas. The stuffed pepper appetizer was meh; small and bland. But the raw oyster salad was delicious and refreshing. For my main, I had the carne asada; tender, grilled skirt steak.

The Misses:

Gato–Bobby Flay’s new restaurant in Noho did not live up to our expectations. The shrimp appetizer was oversalted, and the steak I ordered for my main was mediocre. The portions were small and the menu was overpriced, given the portion sizes and the quality of the cooking. Gato’s been getting rave reviews from food critics, but I don’t agree with them. I could’ve cooked some of the menu better at home, really. One bright spot: the grilled octopus appetizer was perfectly seasoned and cooked (but still way too small to be filling).