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Steveston Fish Market, Richmond, BC, Canada

Steveston Fish MarketWe like to get right into exploring a place. In Vancouver, fish markets are high on our list. We visited Granville Island, and while it had a lot of pretty artisanal offerings, we didn’t like the overcrowded atmosphere, nor the high prices.

Steveston Fish Market in Richmond, BC, about a half-hour drive from Vancouver, is more what we like. You can buy fresh seafood straight from fishermen at the wharf. There will likely be a crowd, but not to the extent of Granville Island’s crowd.

For our first trip, we bought a pound of large shrimp at $9 CAD (less than $7/lb. USD). Not exactly the best price, but not bad for a market in a historic fishing town that attracts locals and tourists alike.

We took the shrimp home, gave it a quick boil, and served it with dipping sauces of melted butter and a blend of mayo and curry paste. Yum.