Lamb Kebabs

Lamb kebabs

We like to visit our local butcher from time to time. Robson Gourmet Butcher in the Robson Public Market is a great little place to pick up hormone-free meats from local farms. Manzar, a young man we often chat with at the counter, has given us good advice on prep techniques and even spent time sharpening out sadly dull knife.

We picked up lamb cubes recently and gave them a simple treatment, marinating them for several hours in cumin and a few other spices (try a mix of olive oil, salt, spritzes of lime for a hit of tang, and crushed red pepper flakes). When we were ready to cook, we put them on skewers and grilled them until done (tip: soak skewers in water before putting on meat to avoid the wood catching fire). The tender morsels go well with a dipping sauce of Greek yogurt.