Homemade Sushi

Homemade sushi

We made nigiri sushi on Friday evening, and it turned out beautifully. We actually made too much and gave ourselves a sushi hangover the next day.

It’s easy to make your own sushi at home–and much less expensive than ordering it at a restaurant–as long as you have access to sashimi-grade fish. We have a nice little fish market just up the street, staffed with bros who are really into seafood, so it’s helpful to ask for their opinions.

We picked up fresh sockeye salmon, tuna, and oysters and sliced them into pieces big enough to cover a little oblong ball of rice each. A couple notes: the salmon has bones that need to be removed, and the tuna has gristle that you need to slice off or slice strategically so you don’t get chewy pieces.

We also picked up two small bowls of rice from a local sushi restaurant and used that to make the rice balls with. We shaped the balls with our fingers, spread a dab of wasabi on top of each, then laid on the fish and oysters. We had a few pieces of fish as sashimi, and served the whole spread with soy sauce on the side.

I must admit: the salmon won hands-down over the tuna and oysters at this meal for it’s fatty, buttery flavor.