Power Breakfast


If you’re looking for a power breakfast, try my edamame recipe. Edamame, or young soy beans, is a nutrition-packed food, carrying carbohydrates, protein and fiber. If you’re a vegetarian, you can add flavoring with a bit of cheese (I recommend aged white cheddar). I flavor this dish with ground-up charcuterie, and I add eggs because I like the scrambled texture. This meal is guaranteed to fuel you in the morning.


1/3 pack frozen edamame, defrosted
3-5 slices of charcuterie
olive oil
2 eggs

Place edamame and charcuterie in food processor and grind to a coarse texture, adding olive oil to taste. Heat up on the stove top. Beat the eggs with a fork and stir the raw scramble into the edamame mix. It’s ready to serve when the eggs are cooked.