Baked Potato Hash

Potato hash

This is a beautiful side dish that’s very easy to create, and you can pair it with anything you like. For color and presentation, it’s best to use small potatoes in a variety of colors, if you can find them. I recommend the potato medley pack from Trader Joe’s.

Just preheat the oven to 400 deg. F (higher if you want less cooking time), cut the potatoes into small cubes and place in a baking tray, massage olive oil into the potatoes, add salt and pepper to taste, and cook for about 45 min. or until the potatoes soften.

Slice chunks of aged white cheddar cheese and distribute them on top of the potatoes in the last 10 min. of cooking.

For garnish, I added mint leaves. You can crisp them up in the final few minutes of cooking or add them fresh when you’re ready to serve.