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Try This Cheese: BoMé

Bome cheese
I’m a tomboy at heart, but I’m still a sucker for feminine flourishes. I like pretty things.

That’s why I was attracted to the BoMé Cheese store during our trip to Qualicum. When I see or hear “artisinal cheese”, I get excited.

I got very excited when I saw the BoMé billboard on the highway in Coombs. The label is a small-batch cheesemaker with a storefront that includes the cheesemaking equipment in the building. When we visited, I was hoping I’d get to see real live cheesemakers at work, but, alas, no one was on duty that day. However, there were two friendly folks manning the counter at the store, making treats for the cafe customers (there was a small group of Germans eating on the sunny patio).  We were eager to get to our cabin by the sea, so we just picked up a small block of “Spiced Shepherd” cheese, a feta packed with olive oil and topped with lovely herbs and thinly sliced cornichon.

Bome cheese
Back home, after the trip, I cut it into small slices and served it as a cheese board for an afternoon snack. A salty, tart, pretty souvenir of the sea.