Roasted Bone Marrow

Roasted bone marrow

To my dear readers: I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season.

I’d like to share a very easy recipe of roasted bone marrow. This was featured in our Christmas Eve dinner, along with prosciutto-wrapped wild salmon and baba ghanoush. It was an incredibly delicious and relatively light meal.

I used to eat bone marrow when I was kid, and lately it’s become a fine-dining trend. The first time I had it at a foodie restaurant was at Michael’s Genuine in Miami. I had it again recently at Nightingale, the newest restaurant by the celebrated Vancouver chef David Hawksworth.

You can create your own high-end experience at home by simply going to your local butcher and asking for bone marrow. Our butcher had a stash in the freezer. We defrosted the bones on Christmas Eve, placed it on a baking tray, and roasted it for 20-30 min. (or until the marrow is visibly cooked; try it at 400 deg. F). You can scoop out the marrow with little spoons. We ate ours on toasted naan and sprinkled honey vinegar and chopped celery on top for a bit of acid to contrast with the richness of the marrow (hubby’s great idea; he also cooked this dish). The flavor is intensely buttery and addictive.