Pork Rib Bao

Pork rib baoOne of the reasons I like eating out every now and then is for inspiration. If a dish strikes me, I like to try making it at home.

As I mentioned in my Dine Out Vancouver Part II post,  I had the Korean spiced pork rib bao board at Gyoza Bar, and we wanted to give it our own spin. We defrosted a rack of pork ribs from our freezer, and I sliced the defrosted ribs into smaller sections, placed them in a large Tupperware bowl, and rubbed them with a marinade of soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil and a sprinkling of cayenne. (No strict measurements; I made the marinade by intuition.) I covered the Tupperware and let the ribs sit in the marinade for several hours in the fridge.

We cooked the ribs at 250 degrees F for 3.5 hours, with the marinade poured over them. We made a glaze by taking the marinade and pork juice once the ribs were done and reducing the liquid on the stove top, adding some more soy sauce and brown sugar to taste.

I removed the meat from the ribs and served them on a plate. Another plate held the bao slices. We constructed our pork baos at the table, with sauteed bok choy leaves as a side.

Conclusion: This meal was a big success.