Scallop Coral

Scallop coral

When we moved to Vancouver, we had visions of going diving and bringing up bags of scallops. Alas, we have yet to see a scallop in the waters of British Columbia.

But there’s always the supermarket. And T&T, a major Asian grocery chain in Vancouver, is a good place to get scallops. Clearly, not the same as harvesting them yourself, but the scallops are fresh nonetheless.

We treated ourselves to a batch a few weeks ago, sauteed in butter. We’ve never opened scallops before and found it’s difficult to slice the flesh off perfectly if you’re new to the practice.

We also discovered that inside the shell is a big pink sac next to the scallop meat. We did a little sleuthing and discovered that this is what’s called coral, and it’s a part of the scallop that you can eat. I recommend tasting the coral if you shuck scallops yourself. It has a similar texture to roe.