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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

We’ve passed by Nero Belgian Waffle Bar many times. It’s in our neighborhood, and we looked upon it as part of the local scenery, without ever venturing inside.

Oh, what we were missing.

We had a Liège for the first time just in the last few weeks. We walked over after dinner with friends on Robson Street, and they introduced us to these lovely, sweet waffles. They’re small and dense and filled with a bit of cream. And butter. I tasted a lot of butter.

They’re amazing.

I don’t tend to be blown away by sweets (my palate loves savory dishes), but these babies are sublime. They’re so good, you have to eat one to understand. Then, you’ll be hooked.

The outlet on Robson has a tiny dining space, so I recommend buying a box of Liège and savoring at your leisure at home.