Spinach Tortellini With Prosciutto

Tortellini with prosciutto

Hi, folks. It’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with traveling. We moved out of Vancouver at the close of our tour, then spent time on the Oregon coast, Portland, and Florida.

I’m now back in Washington, D.C. for a year. So far, the spring days are warm and long and full of sunshine. The trees are budding, and there’s an ease in the air. A welcoming return.

Hubby’s on a business trip this week, and I’m back into daily life in D.C., which has been very busy and enjoyable thus far.

I’m keeping weeknight dinners simple now that I’m working in an office again. The special for tonight: fresh pasta tossed with some veg and topped with prosciutto. I dined with a glass of chilled red wine and tuned into TCM, my favorite channel. The movie: “1776”. The meal: comforting and elegant.


1 pack of fresh spinach-filled tortellini
5-7 small tomatoes (cherry tomato size), sliced
1/2 pack of white mushrooms, sliced
1/4 bag of arugula
parmesan to taste
salt to taste
olive oil to taste
4 prosciutto slices, chopped

Bring water and salt to a boil in a medium pot, and cook the tortellini. Fresh pasta is quick to cook; I recommend about 5 min. Drain the pasta when ready and set aside.

Saute the tomatoes, mushrooms and arugula in the pot with olive oil, then stir in the pasta. Add more olive oil, parmesan and salt to taste, then turn off the heat. Plate the pasta, and garnish with the prosciutto.