Potato Pancake Brunch

Potato pancake

This is a very easy recipe for a potato pancake, which can serve as a base for your choice of topping. It makes for a lovely brunch dish. I topped mine with eggs over easy and some blue cheese for salt, tang and a bit of creaminess. Finish with a basil garnish for color and some fresh greens.

The trick is to shred the potato using a grater. The starch of the potato will act as the binder of the pancake, so no need for flour or other additions.


1/2 large potato, shredded
2 eggs
blue cheese, crumbled
salt to taste
basil leaves

Heat up olive oil in a small skillet and cook the potatoes until golden brown on one side. Apply pressure with a spatula to seal the pancake, then flip over and cook until golden brown on the other side. Plate, sprinkle salt on top, and set aside.

Cook the eggs the way you like them, then place on top of the pancake. Top with blue cheese, and garnish with basil.