Shrimp Fried Rice

shrimp fried rice

Rice is like pasta; a blank starch canvas that you can dress up with any protein and/or veg you want. This is a fun and quick meal to put together that’s good for any day of the week. The large shrimp gives it a little special something.

The flavor base for this dish is Asian. I don’t have soy sauce at the moment, so I used ponzu, which is more subtle in salt and has a citrus taste. I used Chinese broccoli, but you can substitute with spinach or regular broccoli. For a playful element, I made an omelette and put the slices in the dish.


1 cup brown rice, cooked
1 bag Chinese broccoli, sliced
1/2 bag large shrimp, peeled
2 eggs, scrambled
ponzu to taste
1 tsp garlic powder
salt to taste (optional)

Cook the broccoli in a large pan with olive oil and enough water to steam cook the broccoli while the pan is covered. Add more water if necessary. The broccoli is ready when soft.

In a separate pan, cook the eggs into an omelette and cut it up into thin slices.

In another pan, saute the shrimp. I recommend 1.5 min. per side.

Stir the rice in with the broccoli, adding more oil to taste. Pour in ponzu, add the garlic powder (and salt if needed), and mix in the omelette slices. Serve with the shrimp on top.