Afghan Kabob House, Arlington, VA

Afghan Kabob House

Afghan Kabob House on Wilson Blvd. in Courthouse doesn’t call attention to itself. I’ve walked by it several times without noticing it, but when I got its menu in the mail, I was intrigued.

From the outside, it looks like a tiny place, but the interior is spacious. I’d even call it inviting. I walked over to get take-out this past weekend, and I liked the warmth and the aromas and the hubbub of the open kitchen when I came in.

The extensive menu is a mix of traditional Afghan cuisine (kabobs and rice dishes) with items more geared to the local market (fried seafood options, beer and wine, and even a tiramisu sitting in the refrigerator in the dining area).

I ordered calamari, the shepherd’s platter and a side of spinach. I was hungry, so I over ordered (that didn’t stop me from eating everything, though).

While waiting for my food, I sat down at the long string of connected tables in the middle of the dining room and amused myself by watching the large TV that was showing a movie (Bollywood comedy?) of two bros who take a trip to Thailand.

I didn’t wait long, maybe about 10 min. I was called to the open kitchen, and asked for my preferences in the shepherd’s platter. It comes with lamb, rice and two sides. I chose traditional Afghan rice with carrots and raisins, and eggplant and lentils on the side. The young lady who served me was generous with the chunks of lamb over the rice. My separate side of spinach came with tzatziki sauce (yes, tzatziki is Greek), and the yogurt with the boiled and salted spinach was a surprisingly delicious combo. The lamb in the shepherd’s platter was tender, and the dish had a good balance of carbs, protein and veg.

Verdict: A good meal. I’ll be coming back.