Beef Stroganoff


Sometimes I’m on autopilot when I buy groceries. When it comes to proteins, I usually pick up chicken thighs and ground beef. This past weekend, I broke out of the mold a little and got a pack of beef chuck short ribs. I gave them a very simple treatment: I rubbed them with salt, then cooked them in a cast iron skillet for about an hour in the oven at 350 deg. F.

The result was beautiful and delectable. The ribs had amazing marbling when they were raw, so I was curious how they would cook. The marbling brings a wonderfully unctuous flavor similar to the richness of bone marrow. Amazing for a relatively cheap cut of meat. I can’t rave enough about it. I imagine this is what authentic Wagyu is like.

I cut the ribs into strips and served it atop stroganoff. The ribs are perfectly good on their own, so you can serve solo if you choose.

For the stroganoff: Cook half a package of egg noodles by boiling for about 10 min. in water. Drain, then put back in the pot with olive oil, cream (or half and half), grated parmesan to taste and salt to taste, For touches of color and veg, add in tomato slices and spinach.