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Hunters Run, VA: Traminette

Hunters Run Traminette

Virginia has been making moves to get on the global viticultural map. Charlottesville had the initial buzz, but we wanted to visit places closer to home, and there are plenty in the DC metro area.

We drove out one weekend and went vineyard hopping in Hamilton, Virginia. The first winery we visited was Hunters Run.

A note about the wineries in this area: They typically don’t wave tasting fees when you buy a bottle, unlike the vineyards we’re used to in Canada and California. After the initial shock, we still ponied up.

At Hunters Run, the tasting room is in a barn, and it’s decorated with a cozy, country feel. I don’t remember if the Traminette was part of the tasting, but we ended up buying a bottle. I opened it for Thanksgiving and was impressed. This white wine is flavorful and heavy on the sugars but still a classic white (not a dessert wine). It’s strong on tannins, syrupy with fruit and earthy with oak flavor. White wine isn’t traditionally aged in a barrel, but the Traminette did have a musky note, which I liked. (I’m not sure whether it was anywhere near an oak barrel while being developed.) Overall, this is a strong, sweet and sophisticated wine. Worthy of the table on a major holiday.