Beer Bread, Part 2

Beer bread is something you don’t make just once. It begs itself to be made again and again. And why not? It’s a lot of fun to make. It’s really only two basic ingredients: flour and beer. The rest, you can take your imagination and run with it.

For my latest batch, I took it up several notches with plenty of savory elements for crazy umami. I sauteed celery with bacon, then kneaded it into the dough with chunks of white cheddar. My special ingredient: the schmaltz that I saved from deep frying chicken skins the other night. I greased the baking pan with it and added two big dollops to the dough mix to get those flavors in.

The result: so ridiculously good. Incredibly tasty because of the bacon, the cheese and the schmaltz.

I recommend making this as a preparatory thing and dividing the loaf so you have a ready breakfast throughout the work week. A special treat.