Smoked Pork Loin and Eggs

Smoked pork loinSmoked pork loin with eggsI can’t really take credit for this dish. I just executed an idea that came up in conversation with one of the vendors at my local farmer’s market last weekend. I was chatting with Bev Eggleston, who started the Virginia-based company EcoFriendly Foods. He started talking to me about the smoked pork loin he had, and I was intrigued by the version stuffed with chorizo. I was thinking about lunch, so I asked him if it would be good in a sandwich, and he didn’t recommend it. He said it might be too thick when you bite down. His vision: plated as is and topped with eggs. I was sold.

I bought a pack of two slices of smoked pork loin rolled with chorizo, laid them out, cooked up a couple sunny-side up eggs and slid them on top. Beautiful and yummy. It looks like a simple dish because it’s incredibly simple to prepare, but almost all of the work was already done with the stuffing and smoking of the pork loin.

The egg yolks created a natural gravy, and I could really taste the smoke in the pork. The fat had texture and a good melt factor, making for a sophisticated, balanced flavor between the smoke, the meat and the fat. Something to savor.