Shrimp and Green Pea Rice

Shrimp and green pea rice

One of the things I think about when conjuring a dish is getting maximum effect with minimal ingredients. I like simplicity. It’s good for creativity.

This is a basic rice dish with only three ingredients. What makes it interesting is the green peas: They add a mellow sweetness and a mushy, risotto-like texture, plus a lovely colorful look.


1/2 cup brown rice
1/3 pack shrimp, peeled
1/3-1/2 small pack green peas
salt and pepper to taste
red chili flakes to taste (optional)

Cook the brown rice with 1 cup water in a rice cooker or stove top.

When the rice is almost ready, cook the peas with a cover in a pan on medium-low heat for about 5 min., then add the shrimp and cook covered until the shrimp are pink (about 5 min.).

Stir in the rice, mushing the peas a little, and season with salt and pepper and optional chili flakes.