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Bellhop, Corvallis, Oregon

Bellhop brunch

I have to rave about Bellhop.

We found this place while strolling for brunch spots in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. We had spent the previous night in this college town after a Dead & Co. concert in Eugene, Oregon.

The meal we had there has been our best restaurant meal in a long time. We ordered a tuna sandwich and pork shoulder hash, plus a side of asparagus.

The tuna sandwich was perfectly executed. Sushi-grade tuna is difficult to handle for a sandwich; it’s hard to cook the outside properly without overcooking and toughening it up excessively. The tuna sandwich had just the right amount of doneness on the outside, leaving the inside raw. The fish was high quality, so the clean, delicate flavor really stood out. This is the best tuna sandwich I’ve ever tasted.

The pork shoulder hash had a good ratio of shredded pork to potatoes, and the potatoes were well seasoned. The dish was topped with delicate poached eggs that ran their natural gravy into the dish.

The asparagus came with a spicy sauce that I’m guessing was tomato based.

We ended the meal full and happy–and very pleasantly surprised to have eaten such a wonderful meal in this quaint town.

Bellhop, Corvallis, OR