Upcycling: Beer Bottles into Vases

beer bottle upcycled into vase

Creativity is possible every day. I like to find alternative uses for things that are typically tossed.

Vonu beer is the first Fijian beer we’ve tried on the island. I love the design of the bottle. It’s a classic brown bottle with a white sea turtle logo. The contrast between the brown and the white is striking. I instantly knew I wanted to hold onto the bottles from our first six-pack of Vonu and re-use them as vases.

When the bottles were empty, I went around our garden to see which plants would fit best and look pretty in the small-stemmed bottles. The one pictured above shot up a flower within days of sitting in the vase.

If you’d like to do this at home, all you need is a bottle you’d like to reuse for a vase, a snipping from a plant, and enough water to cover the bottom tip of the plant.

You’ll be able to rear the snipping into a plant with roots by checking on it every few days to see that the bottom tip is submerged. When roots begin to shoot out, keep the roots submerged in water. You can eventually plant in soil if you like.