Seafood Rice

Seafood rice

The fresh fish in Fiji is incredibly cheap. You can buy large frozen steaks of tuna, wahoo, snapper and grouper, just to name a few cuts, for less than $5 USD a steak. We bought a wahoo steak the size of two fists, and I saved half of it in the freezer for about a month. It stayed good and made a nice addition to my seafood rice dish.

After the fish defrosted, I sliced it into chunks, then marinated the chunks in soy sauce for about an hour.

For some reason, brown rice isn’t popular in Fiji, so it’s not in every supermarket. We were able to pick up a small bag when we were in Denarau, and the grains cook well on the stove top. They fluff up beautifully. I brought 4 cups water to a boil and added 2 cups rice and a dash of soy sauce, cooking on low-medium heat for about 45 min.

When the rice was almost done cooking, I sauteed about 10 shrimp with the fish and a handful of green beans in olive oil in a large pan, then added the rice. You want to watch the seafood carefully and make sure you don’t overcook.

I stirred everything together in the pan, adding soy sauce and pepper and one chili that the locals call bongo for a bit of heat.