Roast Potato and Eggplant Hash

Roast potato and eggplant

I’ve been cleaning up my diet a little with vegetarian lunches during the weekdays. This is one of my favorites.

All it takes is slicing a large potato and an eggplant, roasting in the oven between 350 and 425 deg F, depending on how much time you have. The higher the heat, the shorter the cooking time (about 30 min. minimum).

I cook the dish in a cast iron for best heat distribution and season it with salt, pepper and paprika before it goes in the oven. Generously drizzling grapeseed or olive oil over the dish will help prevent dry out.

Check on the dish after 30 min. to see if fully cooked, and stir the ingredients.

When ingredients are cooked through, sprinkle cheese (I prefer cheddar or gouda) on top, turn off the heat, and leave dish in the oven for another 5 min. to melt the cheese.

Remove from heat and stir the cheese through the dish to distribute flavor.

For vegan option, simply leave out the cheese.