Sausage Fried Rice with Shrimp Chips

Sausage rice with shrimp chips

I discovered red cargo rice at our neighborhood supermarket some months ago. It’s very nutritious, with high fiber content. Perfect for a fried rice dish. If you don’t have red cargo rice available, any type of rice will do.

I tossed beef sausages in with the rice, added some heat with chilies, and served with shrimp chips for a fun side.


2 cups rice, cooked
4 beef sausages, sliced
1/2 garlic head, minced
soy sauce to taste
red chili flakes to taste
1/3 pack of shrimp chips

Saute the garlic and sausage until the sausage is cooked, then mix in the cooked rice, soy sauce and chili flakes. Optional: Top with a fried egg.

Heat up a small sauce pan with enough canola oil to create at least a 1-in. pool of oil in the pan. When the oil is very hot, cook the shrimp chips one at a time. You’ll know the oil is hot enough when you drop in a chip and it cooks (puffs up) instantly.