Burnett’s Cucumber Lime Vodka

Burnetts Cucumber Lime Vodka

I wasn’t much of a drinker before–and can’t say I imbibe a lot now–but I have come to appreciate good alcohol these last few years.

It started when we lived in Vancouver. Breweries are popular in the city, and they opened up a whole new world of craft beer for me.

When we moved to Fiji, I didn’t realize how much I would miss affordable alcohol. There is a high tax on booze here (me thinks it’s a sin tax to discourage drinking), so we’re not keen on buying alcohol in the local market, unless it’s at the duty-free shop.

I actually regret not buying more booze when we stocked up at ABC Liquor in Virginia before our big move. Back then, I thought, why do we need to pack a lot of alcohol? I’m sure we can get it in Fiji. Turns out it’s ridiculously expensive here; at least twice the price we’d normally pay in the U.S.

One of the bottles we did buy at ABC Liquor for our move is Burnett’s Cucumber Lime Vodka. A handle goes for about $16. It looks like a cheap bottle, but it tastes like a classy, artisanal drink. If you find it in your neighborhood, I highly recommend trying it. It’s got a touch of sweetness, which makes it go down easy. The strong cucumber note gives it freshness, and the subtle lime brightens the drink with some citrus.

Pour it on the rocks and savor.