Coconut Alfredo with Bacon

Coconut alfredo with bacon

Ever since I got the idea from Jamaican chef Brian Lumley, coconut alfredo has been one of my favorite dishes. This version features spaghetti noodles, but, really, any type of noodle will do. Bacon enhances the flavor, and basil from our garden adds bits of freshness.


1 pack spaghetti
4-5 bacon slices, chopped
1/2 head of garlic, minced
1 can coconut cream
a handful of fresh basil, chopped
olive oil to taste
Parmesan to taste
salt and pepper to taste

Boil the spaghetti in salted water, drain and set aside.

Saute the bacon and garlic in a large pan. Pour in the coconut cream, then add the noodles in batches to control the ratio of noodles to sauce.

Add the basil, olive oil, Parmesan, and salt and pepper, making sure to stir all ingredients thoroughly.