Restaurant: Maya Dhaba, Suva, Fiji

Maya Dhaba Suva Fiji

We mostly cook at home, but once in a while we’ll go out to eat. Maya Dhaba is an Indian restaurant on our list, located in downtown Suva, Fiji.

The space is big; maybe too big. It might serve the business better if they had a more intimate ambience with fewer tables. But when it comes to food, they know what they’re doing. The restaurant serves a range of vegetarian and meat and poultry dishes in elegant metal servers.

I recommend the vegetarian bhaji, a type of fritter, for an appetizer. There’s the classic tandoori chicken, which you can order as appetizer or main. If you want to explore the cuisine further, I recommend the creamy cashew kofta, a type of curry served with dumplings; it has a luxurious mouth-feel and lots of umami. I also like the dal and spinach dishes. An order of naan or roti rounds out the meal.

Maya Dhaba Suva Fiji