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Fijiana Cacao

Fijiana Cacao

Fijiana Cacao is a small local business owned by a Japanese couple who have lived in Fiji for 16 years. They initially served sushi in the country but switched to chocolate when they discovered it has higher customer demand.

The husband led a cocoa tasting that I attended recently. The tasting moved from milk chocolate to progressively darker chocolate and ended with the roasted cocoa bean. The journey was from sweet to bitter, topped off with unctuous notes of the natural cocoa butter in the roasted bean.

Fijiana Cacao is one of the local companies trying to revive Fiji’s cocoa industry. The company works with local farmers to promote a fully Fijian production process.

No emulsifiers are used in the production process; just cocoa and Fijian cane sugar.

If you’re ever in Denarau, an island resort town on the west coast of Fiji’s main island, you can taste and/or buy Fijiana Cacao products at local hotels.