Albacore Tuna Poke

Albacore tuna poke

Sushi-grade albacore tuna is a treat and easy to find in Suva.

Albacore is the type of tuna that is typically canned and, because of that, has a reputation for being not-so-great fish–but the sushi-grade kind is nothing to look down on. It has a beautiful deep pink color, and the leanness of albacore makes for a more toothsome bite compared to a fattier fish.

We picked up a hunk of albacore from a local fish shop and asked them to slice it for us so we could make poke at home.

Poke is fresh and simple. Just toss the raw fish with sesame oil, soy sauce and minced chili pepper. For a slightly nutty crunch, mix in some sesame seeds.