Fast-Food Recommendation: The Veggie Way, Suva, Fiji

The Veggie Way platter

Govinda, my favorite Indian vegetarian fast-food place in Suva, is closed on Sunday, but I was craving that kind of food, so we tried The Veggie Way off the food court in Damodar Plaza.

This Hare Krishna stall cooks up veggie deliciousness. The open-air location has only two tables, but you can find other seats in the main food court.

I’m a meat eater, and veggies need to have a lot of umami for me to eat all-veg meals. The offerings at The Veggie Way hit the spot. Just like when I eat from Govinda, I don’t feel anything’s missing.

As with typical Indian dishes, curry flavors are prominent. I also tasted a heavy element of black peppercorns instead of chillis to turn up the heat.

We tried almost all their dishes, including the okra, chickpea dumplings, eggplant and potato, and cheese curds. We also ordered a side of naan, which was cooked while we were there, so it was nice and fresh.

For dessert, we took home a couple barfis, which is similar to fudge.

The Veggie Way

The Veggie Way

The Veggie Way Suva Fiji