Vino Recommendation: Green Fin Red

Green Fin wine

Our second shipment of goods from the U.S. arrived a few weeks ago, and we pulled out one of the bottles of wine that we bought from Trader Joe’s. The label is Green Fin, from Napa Valley, California, and it’s marketed as a red table wine, so I’m guessing it’s a blend instead of one varietal.

The price is unbelievably cheap for the flavor. It’s about a $5 bottle, but it sips like it’s at a higher price point. It’s on the sweet side; heavy on fruit notes (berries), but not so sweet that it goes down like a moscato. This red is absolutely sippable on its own, even at room temperature, when it’s harder to fake good flavor compared to a chilled temperature.

Bonus: It’s made from organic grapes.

Next time you’re in Trader Joe’s, try picking up a bottle.