Hotel Recommendation: Koro Sun, Savusavu, Fiji

Koro Sun ocean bure

We just returned from a trip to Savusavu, on the southern coast of the island of Vanua Levu. Coming here is like arriving at a secret travel destination. The airport comprises a shack next to a small landing strip, and the planes coming and going are like flying mini-vans.

Savusavu is a small town with an international reputation for good diving. The highway runs parallel to the ocean, and you can see coral right off the shore. International yachts dock here, and there’s a lot of foreign money parked on the outskirts of the town in the form of resorts. For example, Tony Robbins has a “university” with a private island across the street from it.

For such a small, laid-back place, Savusavu has the eyes of the world on it. “Australian Survivor” wrapped up shooting on the island recently, and the production crew stayed at Koro Sun, just down the street from the Robbins property.

Koro Sun is an American-owned luxury resort that is very thoughtfully designed and has a friendly and accommodating staff. There are different room types at different price points, ranging from garden bures (a bure is the name of a traditional Fijian house) to lagoon bures to bures on the ocean.

Koro Sun ocean bure pool

All the bures are standalone houses, and landscaping has been laid out with beauty and privacy in mind for guests. We stayed in a bure on the ocean. I was very impressed when the hotel staff opened the front gate to the bure. We were greeted with a small pool in the front yard, which also has a patio area. A bridge walkway lies above the pool to access the front door.

The roof of the house is styled like a traditional bure roof: steepled and covered over with palm leaves on the outside. The floor is tiled for a clean look, and the ceiling is wooden and has spotlights strategically placed to give the room a warm glow. There is an old-fashioned bathtub by the wall, parallel to the bed, so you can soak in the tub and stare at the ocean. The bathroom is a good size and has a long stand-up shower space. A kitchenette with a fridge is located by the entrance of the house. Our room had a spacious balcony with a ladder leading directly into the ocean. It was fun to see fish swim by.

It rained heavily while we were in Savusavu, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying our stay. Our room was stunning, and it was incredibly relaxing to see the water from the floor-to-ceiling windows. I was able to watch the tides come in and out. I also had a chance to polish off a novel that’s spent years unread in my library.

We had one afternoon when the rain held off, and we took advantage by standup paddleboarding and snorkeling.

A caveat: There’s no Wi-Fi in the rooms; only in the lobby. We have local mobile service, so that wasn’t an issue. Travelers can stop by a mobile kiosk in town to pick up a local SIM and buy data if they like.

Koro Sun ocean bure view