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Golden Coconuts

Golden coconut Fiji

Did you know that not all coconuts fresh from the tree are green?

We have a dwarf coconut tree in our yard. I hadn’t partaken of any of its fruits because I was turned off by their golden color. I thought the hue was a sign that the tree is rotting.

I was quite wrong.

Our gardener chopped a couple coconuts from the dwarf tree today for us to enjoy, and I’m sipping coconut water straight from one of them while I write this.

Golden coconut on tree Fiji

We’ve been here a year and a half, and I’m only now aware that we can indulge in the fruits of the most accessible coconut tree in our yard (we’ve got several).

Sometimes life is like that. You have something in your daily life that you don’t pay attention to, and then one day you realize how valuable it is. Sometimes it takes someone to point it out to you. Sometimes you realize it all by yourself. Either way, you’re world is a little bigger and brighter with the revelation.

Golden coconut tree Fiji