An Intro to Raw Juicing

Carrot cucumber celery juice

Despite the “Samuel Adams Rebel IPA” branding on the glass in the photo, this is not an endorsement of Sam Adams’ products (not that I have anything against Sam Adams). Someone gave this glass as part of a Christmas gift, and I consider it the perfect size for juice.

We just got a home juicer, and I’m wildly excited by it. This is a great machine for the price point. For $55 USD, our Hamilton Beach juicer pays for itself in just a few uses.

I used to buy raw juices at cafes in the U.S., and they tend to be pricey. They are wonderfully cheap at hawker stalls in Singapore, and they’re reasonably priced here in Fiji, but nothing beats creating raw juices at home whenever you want. It easily becomes part of your daily health routine.

You can be as creative as you want with the veg and fruit mix.

My first juice was a pure carrot one, using six medium carrots.

The juice in the photo is a mix of carrot (3), cucumber (1) and celery (2 stalks).

There is no food waste with a home juicer: I use the remaining pulp as a ready veg mix to add to any dish if I want more nutrition.