Puppy Update

Fiji puppy Jolene

It’s been three weeks since we brought our new puppy, Jolene, into our home. She had two solid weeks of progress with a set routine, but we experienced a drawback for a few days.

We got a home juicer recently, and I save the veggie pulp to add easy nutrition to dishes. I started mixing carrot pulp into her puppy chow to try to stoke her appetite for veg scraps as she grows, but this backfired on me because she got diarrhea for a couple days.

Her training was interrupted because her bowels were, ahem, overactive. It was frustrating because we had made progress in potty training, and the diarrhea interrupted the daily routine I had set. Entirely my fault–I’ve learned not to feed her veg pulp anymore.

Luckily, the diarrhea cycled through in about two days, and we resumed the normal routine after that.

She’s had accidents in the house, but they’ve become fewer, and she seems to understand more and more that she has a potty routine in the yard, where we’re letting her explore more.

Fiji puppy Jolene