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Planting Coleus


We have a lot of coleus growing in our tropical garden. This is one of my faves because the plant’s spring green and mauve colors make it stand out. During growth spurts, it shoots out thin flowering stalks that bloom a lovely lavender.

I recently pulled up a planting from a pot that was getting overcrowded, and I transplanted it into a pot by itself. All I did was literally pull up the plant from the roots, then I inserted the plant into the soil of the new pot just enough to submerge the roots.

The plant took instantly to its new home. I water it about once a week (more if I notice the leaves are drooping), and I added some used coffee grounds and eggshells to the soil for nutrients.

You can easily propagate new plants from a cutting of coleus. I typically do this in our yard. Just snip off as small or large a section as desired from a healthy plant and stick the stalk in the ground, making sure it can stand up straight. Let the sun and the rain do their work, and a thriving plant should arise in a matter of weeks.