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From Art to Design: Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise Fiji

I’d like to give you a peek into the process of how I create art to feature on products for my storefronts at Society6 and RedBubble.

In this case, I chose to draw the birds of paradise in my garden in Fiji. They’re beautiful, and I had a vision of them hand-drawn on a throw pillow.

A lot of us are spending more time at home these days, and throw pillows are a way to freshen up your decor and add more comfort and appeal to your home.

bird of paradise leaves

The first step was to take a few photos of the plant. I took closeups of the flowers and wider shots of the plant to see how the leaves look. I used these photos to guide my drawing.

I took a photo of the finished drawing, then added a bit of color via editing software to make the flowers stand out.

Bird of Paradise by Aileen Torres Bennett

Once the artwork was ready, I added it to my online storefronts and decided on specific products to feature it.

Here is the throw pillow I originally envisioned. You can get it (and other products featuring my Bird of Paradise artwork) at RedBubble.

Bird of Paradise Throw Pillow by ATBdesignart

This artwork is also available on products at my Society6 store.