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Fiji’s Artisinal Vanua Chocolate

Vanua Chocolate Fiji

Vanua Chocolate is a sister company of Cacao Fiji, and it’s recently expanded its distribution to Extra Supermarket in Suva. It makes small-batch, artisinal chocolate. We wanted to support support these local businesses, so we picked up a couple bars of dark chocolate from Extra.

Dark chocolate is known for its health benefits. It’s high in antioxidants and could lower blood pressure.

One of the chocolate bars is 60% kava, a local crop that’s becoming big business internationally.

We visited Cacao Fiji’s cocoa farm in Dreketi during a trip to Savusavu last October. Our host let us take a few of the cocoa fruit home, and I made cocoa powder from scratch, starting with the seeds from the fruit.

cocoa powder made from scratch from cocoa fruit seeds

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