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Tropical Garden Starters

basil parsley Fiji garden

We have a lush garden in our yard in Fiji. I can’t take credit for it. Our gardener has been working the yard for many years, and previous tenants have installed their own touches.

Before we moved to Fiji, we imagined being able to eat from our garden. After we arrived, we started small by planting herbs in pots. We have healthy chives, scallions and rosemary as potted plants.

kale Fiji garden

Our gardener also planted baby kale in the dirt in our yard. We didn’t know whether it would take in the soil, but after several months, it’s finally growing into a lovely plant. I started snipping leaves off this week.

Fiji garden

A few weeks ago, we expanded by buying starters of tomato, basil and parsley. Our gardener planted them in the yard, near our largest papaya tree, and they’ve shot up quickly in a short period of time. I love walking out to check on them. They are beautiful plants.

lettuce Fiji garden

This week, we added lettuce to the garden. We tried growing them in pots before, and that wasn’t successful. Maybe we’ll have better luck planting them in the ground.

It amazes me how easy it is to grow plants here in Fiji. I don’t have to work on the garden, other than water plants that need it during dry spells. The sun, earth and rain take care of things, and I get to take in the beauty.

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