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Music for Meditation: Bird on a Wire

Bird on Wire ATB
Illustration by Aileen Torres-Bennett

Here’s an original composition of mine that I recommend for meditation. I’m not a practitioner of classical meditation, but I do practice reflection regularly to understand my mental states. This practice of reflection combined with a fitness regimen helps me to (putting it generally) deal with life.

As you listen to this music, I suggest trying the following to help you get into a meditative state:

-Pay attention to both the notes being played and the silence in between the notes. Contemplate the music as activity, and the silences as space between activities.

-Notice the differences in tempo. Some measures are slow, like a quieting down and/or a state of anticipation. Some measures are faster, showing liveliness.

-Ponder the title of this piece: “Bird on a Wire.” I gave it that name to indicate the grace and joy endemic to a creature of nature. But the name also hints at precariousness; the bird rests and moves along a wire, and the wire can be steadying, but it can also be dangerous. The bird may have no conception of the full nature of the temporary foundation it has chosen. Yet, the bird lives and moves and is still and is happy doing what it does as a natural creature.

Some of you might be reading this and going, woah, that is too much! And that’s cool. There are different ways to appreciate things. At the very least, I hope you enjoy my drawing and my music.

Be well!

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