Yoga Retreat at Waidroka Bay

Waidroka yoga room

Nicci McGrath, a yoga instructor based in Pacific Harbour (she also teaches in Suva), organized a yoga retreat at Waidroka Bay Resort this past weekend. It’s rare that I get out of the house for fitness purposes these days (I love home-based workouts now), but it was certainly worth traveling to Waidroka for yoga, adventure and relaxation.

I enjoyed the opportunity to try new poses and go further in ones I’m more familiar with. I’ve been working on the splits lately to complement my kickboxing, and I was close to achieving full front splits this weekend.

Overall, I enjoyed the sequence of poses and the group vibe. You can tailor the classes according to your level.

Snorkeling and a vegetarian cooking masterclass with Waidroka’s chef, Manasa, who has starred in the Pacific Island Food Revolution TV show, were also part of the weekend, making for an active and well-rounded retreat.

Waidroka will continue with yoga retreats on a monthly basis. Contact the resort for more info.